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An online community for astrology lovers and spiritual seekers of all levels.

Astro Vibe Tribe Community 🪐

This community is focused on bringing astrology students of all levels together so they can learn astrology, develop their intuition, and grow with other like minded people. The Astro Vibe Tribe is a members-only community of like-minded mystical people from all experience levels who want to incorporate an astrology routine into their everyday life.

🤟 Look no more this is YOUR TRIBE.

Why You'll L💖VE this Community!

We are only as strong as our community. You want the love and support that comes with a community. The need for a nurturing high vibe tribe that supports its members along their spiritual growth is what is needed to achieve inner peace.   The supportive environment helps you embrace your own intuition. We are centered on our members developing meaningful friendships.

The community was built so you won't feel like a lone star amongst the sky.  You don't have to feel misunderstood as there's are beings in this tribe who love the same things you love. This is a safe community that will not judge you as everyone here is also curious on spiritual woo just like you. Instead of tackling your spiritual practice alone, we’ve developed an ever-evolving space to come together and share ideas, experiences and knowledge. We learn together and expand the magic in our everyday lives. 

In the Astro Vibe Tribe, we welcome all light beings who've been studying the metaphysics an esoterica ever since they can remember to the new student of the studies. 

You matter, your desires matter, your beliefs matter, and you are worth investing in yourself. The connections, knowledge and experience you will gain from this community is priceless.  Step into our community and feel a renewed energy, excitement and momentum for your practice. We’re here to guide the way.

If you’re ready to invest in your inner self, make deep connections with the spiritual world and enjoy like-minded conversation, then the Astro Vibe Tribe is the place for you.

Access to an Intuitive Akashic Astrologer, Certified Life Coach, & Meditation Teacher

All events are lead by a Professional Astrologer, Certified Hypnotist, and Certified Business Coach. This is like having an astrologer on retainer. You get to ask questions in the community and you'll receive support and guidance from the Hosts and also experienced tribe members. 

Here’s what’s included when you join the Astro Vibe Tribe:

Growing Living Library

  • A growing living library of recorded past workshops, lives, and new moon gatherings to watch at your convenience.

Monthly Highlights:

  • Information about the Astrological Alignments
  • Live New Moon Rituals 
  • Astro Coaching Prompts For Your Each New Moon Lunation

Astrology Reflection Prompts

  • Prompts and Community Posts to deepen your Astrology and Intuitive Development Studies.

We also like to throw in fun extras spontaneous lives like a nature walks, sky ventures, astrology challenges, lunar practices, affirmations marathons and more.

Our united tribe forum is a loving and supportive container to ask questions, engage in discussion and connect to other spiritual seekers just like you!

Astro Vibe Tribe Member Reviews

Astrology teachings has brought my healing process to an entire other level and I did not anticipate that this journey was about healing. I first thought of taking courses from this brilliant Astrologer to learn astrology, an interest I've had for a couple decades but ended up pivoting to a course she was offering live at the time on Spiritual and Psychic Development. That was the best choice I could have ever made... although, it was actually divine timing that lead me to be apart of the psychic development community full of bright intuitive individuals lead by the incredible light-worker herself. I've since then signed up for many other courses and I recommend them all, even if I haven't already taken them, because she is really that good!!! -Maddy

 One of a kind!! I've taken many astrology courses and workshops and no one compares to her. She is SO knowledgeable and I love the way she teaches.  She quickly became a mentor to me. I definitely recommend getting a reading from her and taking her workshops. -Emma

 Absolutely one of a kind! She integrates astrology with her intuition and is consistently spot on. Her way of teaching is fun and easy to follow. A hidden gem! -T Shikany

 This tribe is absolutely amazing. Her honesty, knowledge & love for astrology has really impacted my life to the better. I'm fortunate enough to be a part of her Astro Vibe Tribe & I have and still learning a lot not only about what's going on in the stars but also about myself. Sammy Llamas

About The In House Astrologer

Our in house astrologer and Certified Life Coach leads this community through learning astrology, spiritual development, crystal healing, herb magic, moon manifesting and akashic records. Our teachings are based on Hellenistic Western Astrologer using the Tropical Zodiac. Our fancy titles are Transformational Akashic Astrologer, Certified Life Coach, Certified Business Coach, Certified Hypnotists, 6-Phase Meditation Teacher, Crystal Healer, and Spiritual Teacher.

We are passionate 💗 about helping others thrive, improve their quality of life by facilitating transformation on a soul level in order to realign their mind, body, and spirit to their divine blueprint. I assist my clients in crafting a roadmap to a fulfilling life, as so promised by their birth chart. I teach lovers of the cosmos the language of the stars.

The Portal🌀Closes Soon

We only open our doors a few times a year, so if you’ve missed the window, be sure to save your spot in line for our next cohort! 

What’s in your stars?🔮

🤟 Welcome all astrology students, cosmic lovers, and spiritual light beings.